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Mot-clé - POSIX

POSIX-compliant detection of the shell's

If you want to write a shell script or “library”, you may want to test whether the current shell has a given feature or not, for instance for performance concerns. For instance, if you want to check if a string matches a... lire la suite

Split a string by character(s) in POSIX

Often, when someone needs to split a given string by a character in a shell script, he uses the “cut” command. Example: string='first item,second,third' first="$(echo "$string" | cut -d ',' -f 1)"second="$(echo "$string"... lire la suite

Pseudo-arrays for POSIX shell

Hi everyone, I recently wrote a script and I needed to use arrays. Unfortunately, there are no arrays in the POSIX shell specification. But, after some research I found a way to use pseudo-arrays. The first trick is to... lire la suite